Q&A: How Should I Answer the Job Interview Question “Why do you want to work here”?


Q:  How should I answer the job interview question “Why do you want to work here”?
I want to work for money, the same reason any one else works. If I give that answer, they might not hire me, how should I answer this question?
-Ron Paul 2012

A:  While “to make money” may be the truest response to why you want to work at all, it isn’t really the accurate response to why you want to work THERE, is it?  Let’s explore this a little.  Why did you apply to work at this company, as opposed to any of the places that could possibly be hiring in your area.  Was it because it was close to your home?  Did you hear somewhere that they hire people who resemble you (your age, your style, your interests, your work ethic)?  Is it because you know someone who works there already and they recommended the job as a good fit for you?  Is it because you were attracted to the company’s mission or vision?  Do you somehow identify with the product or service that they offer?  Does the company have a philosophy you admire?  Does it seem like it would be fun?  Do they offer the level of pay or perhaps benefits or perks that you are anxious to have?  Did the wording in the job description or posting pique your interest?  Have you seen how successful the other employees of the company are and want to see that level of growth for yourself?

If you dig deep (or maybe not that deep at all), you can come up with a list or reasons why you chose to apply at the interviewing company.  If by chance, you can’t come up with anything, think about why you have not applied at the company’s competition (for example, because they don’t like young people).  Maybe the opposite is why you chose to apply/work there.

Happy interviewing and best wishes!


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