Q&A: How Do You Find Out What to Do?


Q: I am 24 and I am looking for a new job. Where im not sure. I am currently in the army national guard in as a CBRN wich did not help at all and am about to get out in a couple months. My wife is talking about kids and i dont want to be struggling financially when we we do.
I currently fill vending machines as a union teamster but the job is killing me. Constantly changing routes and everyone is a critic.
I have also worked in door to door sales and for a while extruded plastic in a warehouse but both where not what i want in life
I need to get my life in order i have been bouncing around alot from jobs and can not even find one i can stand.
Im having trouble finding out what i want to do for the rest of my life
I love computers video games and motorcycles. I was thinking about becoming a network admin because i have always been fascinated with the internet and wanted to learn about it but i will need time to go to school for that.
What is a good entry level job with i can do where i wont loose my mind every day?
What would be a good first step?
How do you know what you want to do for the rest of your life?

A: Mistajumpa, we can definitely sympathize with your situation. Know that you are not alone in it. Many people find themselves in the same boat. What I would recommend for you is that you identify not only the things you like, but also the skills you have that you would want to use at a job. Perhaps a career assessment could help you with that. The O*NET Skills Questionnaire (https://www.onetonline.org/skills/) might be a good place to start. After identifying the skills you feel most satisfied using in the work place, evaluate the list of corresponding jobs against your interests. I think you’ll find something you love in no time. If you need help through this process, contact the NOE Career Center online or at 504-434-0510. We’d be happy to help.


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