Q&A: What Should I Bring on my Job Interview?


Q:  What should i bring on my job interview? Should i bring my resume or not necessarily?

A:  This is an excellent question.  Kudos to you for wanting to be prepared!

Here is a list of what you should have with you when you go on any interview:
• 2 copies your most recent resume (one for you to reference and one for the interviewer – just in case)
• A list of 5 references (3 professional and 2 personal) and any letters of recommendation
• A list of questions to ask the interviewer (e.g. about the company, position, culture, what you can expect)
• A list of responses to typical STAR behavioral-based interview questions
• Any notes about the company that you may want to reference
• A completed sample job application, so that you can copy any information needed on an application you may be given to complete at the interview
• a nice pad-folio or portfolio to place your documents into (for professional appearance), or simple black folder at the very least
• a pen and note pad (to take notes)
• items to ensure your personal hygiene: chap stick, lotion, breath mints (not gum), etc.

Best Wishes!


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