Q&A:  Is It Good to be Called in to Meet the Owner and Observe?


Q:  So I had a job interview on Friday and today is Monday and I got a call from them. They asked me if I would be able to come in this weekend and meet the owner and observe the work place. Is that a good sign?

You interviewed for the job on Friday and the next business day, you got a callback.  This is great.  In that call, you are offered an opportunity to come in and meet the owner.  THIS is great.  You are going to be given an opportunity during this meeting, which will take place this weekend, to observe the workplace.  THIS IS GREAT!

Harriet, you have a real opportunity on your hands!  Not only does the boss want to meet you, probably to see who this person  is that impressed his managers so much, but you are also going to get an opportunity to go behind the scenes and see how a day in the life of an employee at this company really looks.  This is an excellent chance for you to question the employees who work there and to get a real idea of whether or not this job meets your needs and whether or not your will enjoy the work.

The company will also get a chance to see if you are enamored or disappointed by what you see.  They will be more closely able to tell if you can handle the work, and if your personality will fit in with the others in the organization.

Best wishes! Knock ‘Em Dead


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