Q&A: How Do I Set Myself Apart?

Q: I do not mean to sound full of myself, but I one fantastic server. I have been in the service industry for the majority of my career. I have developed a passion that can’t be taught.
I am having a problem with technology. Everyone applies online and I look JUST as qualified as the rest, but I am not.
I don’t want to be in management. I love serving and interacting with the people. Creating unique experiences and generating regulars, is what i do. I love working evenings.
I AM that server.
I work hard and want to find the right place to call home.
How do I set myself apart?
– Qtiepye
A: Believe it or not, Qtiepye, what you have said in your question actually sets you apart from others. Using words and phrases like “passion,” “love serving and interacting with the people” and “creating unique experiences” are what employers dream of seeing on applications and resumes (and hearing in interviews for that matter). While it may be easier to make these statements on a resume than a job application, there is still a way to do it. For example, you can still include these phrases in the “Experience” section where you are asked to list your duties, the “Qualifications,” and “Skills” sections.
Also, be sure to quantify, as much as you can, e.g. the number of years, the number of tables per day, etc. If you have personally done something to raise the level of patronage at the restaurants you have worked for, mention that as well.
Best Wishes!

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