Q&A: Why are you the best person for the job? and why should we hire you?


Q: I have a job interview tomorrow and I really need this job so I need your help so that I can answer my interview tomorrow.

A: My recommendation is that you do your homework. Take a close look at the company at which you are interviewing. Look them up online, check out their “About Us” page. Review their mission and vision statements and see where you fit in. Double check the job posting you responded to. What attributes are they seeking in an employee? Do you have them? What experience and education are they requiring in a candidate? Do you have that? What do you know about this company and about yourself, given all of this information that that makes you fit right in?

After you’ve done your homework, if you still are having problems fashioning the proper response, give the NOE Career Center a call at 504-434-0510. Interview preparation is one of our best services!

Best Wishes. #NOEcareercenter

Photo: found on Facebook


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