Q&A: PCA Interview Help?

confused young business woman posing with a clipboard

Q: ok last month I had an interview which I did horribly because I was very nervous, was not prepared and had very bad anxiety. I’m getting another chance to redo the interview for a second time and I just want to be prepared. So I applied for the position of a patient care assistant. What are some questions I should ask the interviewer? Thanks

A: Congratulations on given a second chance to interview Rosey! Unless you personally know the interviewer, it is likely that he/she has already taken a liking to you to give you such an opportunity.

Although you are soliciting a list of questions to ask the interviewer, it may not be a bad idea to go over some ways to hit this interview out of the park in ways that you may have missed before. Preparation, as you have already suggested, is certainly going to be the key.

I recommend that you spend some time on the company website. Assuming that you are interviewing at a hospital or a nursing home, you should find a lot of very important information on the site, including the communities it serves, the specialties it deals in, what services it offers patients/clients, the mission statement and vision statement they have, and the staff currently in place. Make it your business to know as much of this information as you can. Keep in mind, however, that your goal is not to memorize to recite it, but to understand what this company is all about so you can envision yourself as a part of it and intelligently articulate that.

Once you have gotten what you need to say about you out of the way, then yes, you may begin to think about the questions you may want to ask your interviewer. These will be about things that are of particular interest to you. For example:

* What is the turnover like for PCA’s here? Do PCA’s generally stay a long time?
* What opportunities for advancement are there? What is the next step up for PCA’s at this organization?
* What type of training opportunities and professional development are available at this level?
* What is the culture like here for employees?
* Are there any activities or events that take place to build camaraderie?
* Will any of my training be classroom based or will it all be on the job?
* Will I be in a position to train or supervise others at any point?

Best Wishes to you on your interview!

The NOE Career Center offers assistance to those looking to perfect their interviewing skills. For more information, send us an IM, email us (info@noecareercenter.com) or give us a call at 504-434-0510.


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