Q&A:  What Jobs Are Suited to Someone Like Me?


Q:  What jobs are suited to someone who likes partying, socialising, is creative, a good writer and is good with words?

A:  There are several options available to you, Gayali. For example, if Journalism excites you, you might enjoy writing a “Society Pages” column for a print or online newspaper or magazine.  Maybe you could be a Film and Entertainment Industry Blogger. If you are interested in working in a more corporate environment, you might consider the role of Corporate Events Coordinator or Marketing and Events Coordinator.   In the non-profit and academic arenas, you might try the fundraising department.  They often host large galas and other fun events and have to maintain newsletters and such to keep donors and participants current and informed.   Perhaps you could work in the Student Activities office of a college or university putting on events for students and alumni.   In the entertainment industry, there’s you could be a Personal Assistant to a public figure. You could be an assistant at an art gallery.

The possibilities are astounding!

For more alternatives, I recommend doing an internet query using the keywords “job description” and including any or all of the major tasks you want to perform (i.e. attend events, socialize, network, write, etc.).

Best Wishes!


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