New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers


It’s that time of year again. Out with the old and in with the new. In preparation for the new, we make resolutions. Some of them we keep. Some of them are lost causes before the first day of the year is over. With the start of this new year, your friends at the New Orleans East Career Center would like to challenge you to make (and keep) some resolutions that promise to make 2015 a better year for you.

What follows is a compilation of resolutions for job seekers. Best wishes for a successful 2015!

  • I will meet (online, on the telephone, or in person) three new people a week who can help me with my job search.
  • I will learn to leverage Social Media as a vehicle for communicating about myself, and not just as a distraction for hours chatting with new friends.
    I will clean up my social media presence, which includes utilizing privacy settings to protect my brand.
  • I will set up informal discussions with decision-makers/hiring managers even if they are not hiring right now. They may be hiring soon.
  • I will consider that my resume and cover letter may not be as good as it could be and seek advice. (maybe from – shameless plug!)
  • I will acknowledge that I may not be an interviewing pro, especially if I’ve interviewed a lot and have not landed a job. I will seek professional advice. (maybe from – shameless plug#2!)
  • I will consider my job search to be a full time job and will dedicate the appropriate amount of time for it. In doing so, I will prioritize it ahead of TV and computer games.
  • I will build a plan for my job hunt by outlining resources to research and key people to contact.
  • I will schedule a specific time each day for my job search.
  • When I get discouraged, I will share my concerns with a few trusted friends who can offer good advice (instead of giving up hope).
  • If unemployed, I will volunteer. I will make good use of my time by meeting new people and creating substance for a discussion. I will make a difference when many can use my assistance.
  • I will educate myself or others on a subject-matter than is pertinent to my profession.
  • I will think about what I liked and disliked in previous jobs and develop the ultimate job description. I will use this to give my search focus and meaning.
    I will develop an elevator pitch so that I can effectively represent myself and my personal brand.
  • I will create a vision board, outlining my dreams and goals for my future, including where I see myself working, living, and what I see myself being able to have because of the success I will achieve.
  • I will create/complete your linked in profile, which includes updating my work experience and skills.
  • I will develop a target list of companies I would like to work for, whether or not they are hiring, and begin thinking about an “in.”
  • I will be responsive to calls and emails while I am actively searching for a job.
  • I will remain positive about my possibilities. I will not allow road blocks and temporary setbacks to knock me off course.

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