Q&A: What Are the Best Job Search Sites to Use?


Q: I lost my job of 23 years. I’m out of touch – what are the best job search sites to use? Everything is online now. I was working for a major corporation in Houston. I don’t know how about going to search for a similar type job.

A: I’m sorry to hear that you have lost your job, Stephanie. I can appreciate that this is a substantial loss for you, just looking at your years of service at the company. I’m glad that you ready get back out there.

As you have noticed, things have changed quite a bit over the past 23 years. In this age of the Internet, everything is online; and there are SO many websites you can go to, that it’s hard to know which are the best for you and for your career field.

Immediately, and at the very least, I recommend that you create an account on WorkInTexas.com. Often times, employers in your state will go directly to the Texas Workforce Commission to advertise vacancies rather than pay to list jobs or post them on their own websites. When you find something you are interested in, you may even be able to get a referral from a job specialist at your area workforce career center to land an interview. This is something I recommend for clients no matter the state they reside in.

Now for the sites:

One of my favorites job search sites is Indeed.com. Indeed.com has been called the largest job search site in the US, according to comScore. A job aggregator, indeed.com collects job postings from thousands of sites and brings them to you all in one place, making it extremely convenient.Simplyhired.com is another such site. Aside from these, other, very popular sites for general job search include: CareerBuilder.com, Glassdoor.com,Monster.com, and SnagAJob.com.

If you are interested in a Federal job, I highly recommend USAJobs. You can also search for the City of Houston and Harris County’s civil service jobs sites, if you are interested in securing a municipal or state job.

I highly recommend utilizing search engines that cater to your particular field also. For example, if you are in computers and technology, you may want to add Dice.com to you list of sites to visit regularly. If you are interested in higher education, you may add HigherEdJobs.com. If you are interested in no-profit work, try Idealist.org or Opportunityknocks.org.

For more suggestions on job search sites and tips for your particular career field, feel free contact the NOE Career Center on Facebook, via email at info@noecareercenter.com, or by phone at 504-434-0510.

Best Wishes in your job search.


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