Isn’t it Time You Created A Personal Power Statement?


I was reading my favorite Career Development publication recently (Career Convergence Magazine) and came across an article by Cara D. Cockman-Bliss entitled “Creating a Personal Power Statement.” In the article, the writer stresses that “creating a personal power statement is imperative for all persons at any level.”

“A personal power statement?” you ask. Yes. A personal power statement is an affirmation or summary of the essence of who you are – your values, your needs, your strengths, your style… all wrapped up into one robust, meaningful statement. This declaration is helpful, not only when you are searching for the most effective way to communicate your strengths and accomplishments to others, but it can be an excellent tool for helping you to formulate the mindset you need to go out there and conquer the world!

An example of an effective personal power statement is:
“I am brilliant, creative and resourceful; I make good decisions and I achieve results.”

Cockman-Bliss’s process for developing a personal power statement are as follows (amended just a little):

1. Brainstorm AT LEAST eight to ten words that best describe you (for some of us, the list may be very long)

2. Select the SIX words that provide the most relevant, visual image of who you are
(whittling down your list may require time and patience, but the goal is to get a the best depiction of who you are)

3. Organize these words into a powerful phrase. Now, this may take several attempts before THE phrase emerges, but remember, it should be logical and flow well so that it captivates the attention of the your targeted audience.

4. Add a visual image (think of one of those Successories posters, for example), that best depicts your statement.

Besides being memorized, your final product could be converted into a word cloud (using – like I’ve done below), printed, and hung on a wall you will regularly view.

Feel free to post your personal power statement in the comments!


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