Q&A: Agreed to a job interview, now don’t want the job?

Undecided-Voter1Q: Basically I was phoned earlier by Currys for a part-time job there. The manager invited me for a three-stage interview. Only now it’s dawned on me I don’t want the job. The store is in a difficult location for me, the interview sounds very challenging (I have to do a presentation that makes them go WOW??) and I don’t think I have nearly enough knowledge of the industry to be of use. Me and my dad frequently go there to buy things and we usually spend ages asking questions to the staff. I don’t know if I’d be able to provide the answers.

Am I able to just ring them and say I no longer want the job, or should I go to the interview anyway?

A: Michael, if you truly do not want to pursue the job any longer, you should call the interviewer and inform him or her. If, however, you are bowing out of the job because you are worried about your chances of passing the interview, I encourage you to reconsider.

While interviews can be intimidating, they can be mastered. For this interview in particular, you seem concerned that you will need to have knowledge that you don’t have. Trust me, you won’t be expected to know everything there is to know about every product the store sells at the interview. That would be unreasonable. What you should do, though, is be prepared to talk about one of them. Pick something you currently use and enjoy. That would be the easiest. Research the product if you need to and practice with your Dad or a friend. Pick out features and benefits when making your pitch to your pretend customer and work on your delivery (facial expressions, hand gestures, volume, tone, etc.)

For your “5 Minutes to Impress,” be prepared to talk about what is special about you. Are you a good sales person? Are you attentive to the needs of others? If you aren’t sure of your strengths, survey pepole who know you. They should be able to suggest some. I have included some links to discussions about the 5 Minutes to Impress in case you find them helpful.

The interview process at Curry’s has been written about in several places on the web. Do your homework. Read up and prepare yourself accordingly. This is likely to be one of many interviews you will do in your lifetime. You can conquer the process, but you have to start.



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