Q&A: Is Singing a Career?


Q: I want to be a singer. But my mom said it not a career that a hobby. So now what i dont really know what to be now.

A: The difference between a career and a hobby is that careers pay enough to sustain your living, while hobbies usually pay nothing and may, in fact, cost you.

According to the U. S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Handbook (http://www.bls.gov/ooh/entertainment-and-sports/musicians-and-singers.htm), “Singer” falls under the occupation “Musicians and Singers.” This occupation describes individuals that play instruments or sing for live audiences or in recording studios, whether solo or as part of a band or group. Some singers perform as background vocalists. Some give private music lessons to children and adults. Some perform professionally in plays, or at weddings, private parties, clubs and bars, churches, cruise ships, amusement parks, etc. Some teach choir and musical performance at elementary, middle, and high school.

I encourage you to do your homework and make a calculated decision. If singing is your passion, you are talented enough to command pay for it, and you are willing and able to handle traveling, sustain periods of down time, and/or seeking out regular work for yourself, there is no reason you can’t be a singer and enjoy a satisfying career.

Best Wishes.


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