Q&A: Job .. help?


I’ve never had a real job ,I just graduated high school …but I’ve been babysitting for a while.
I’m really shy and I get anxiety when speaking to ppl. I really wanna start working but I don’t wanna work taking orders as a cashier or a waitress because the thought of attending ppl just makes me cringe. Is there any jobs where I don’t really have to attend ppl and kinda do like my own thing ????

Although I realize that you are asking for suggestions on jobs that will help you avoid having to talk with people, I would highly recommend that you start working on your anxiety. We live in a very social world, and even if you aren’t dealing with people face to face, you will still need to develop your interpersonal skills so that you can properly interface with external customers virtually or by phone and with internal customers and managers as well.

There are several ways to tackle this, including:
-attending professional development workshops/training dealing with interpersonal skills
-joining a club, team, or a group that relates to one of your interests and skills, e.g. Toastmasters International
-seeking private therapy

This article – http://www.anxietybc.com/sites/default/files/adult_hmsocial.pdf
gives some additional tips for self help with social anxiety.

Best Wishes.


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