Q&A: Should I call back?? please help!?

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Q: I don’t know what to do. my friend txted me last Wednesday asking if I wanted a job. I was like “YES” so she gave me the number to her supervisor for me to ask about the application and whatnot. (BTW im 17 and this is for a receptionist position at supercuts and would be my first job).

so I called, the supervisor told me to go online and fill out the app and in an hour someone will call me back. I waited and no call. 2 days later still no call. I was getting worried so I called the supervisor back aain and asked why hadn’t someone called me. she was surprised no one had called me yet and said she would call the other location and call me back. that was on sunday and today is Tuesday. what should I do? call back AGAIN!? go into the store in person? what do I ask?


A: Kim, Here are the facts as I see them:
Less than 7 days ago, you applied for a receptionist position (that you were referred to) at a salon. You spoke with a supervisor and applied online (as they requested). You were promised call backs (almost immediately) on two occasions, but did not receive them. You are anxious.

Your anxiety is totally understandable. No one likes to be told to expect something and then it never comes. What you cannot do, however, is allow your anxiety to work against you. Remember that the staff at the salon is likely very busy already and probably even more so without a receptionist. This may be what’s going on.

While you wait for your call back, I recommend that you go back to your source – the friend that texted you about the job. Ask her if the position has been filled or not. If it hasn’t, ask her if you are still be considered for it. She may have some insider information for you. If, by chance, she has been kept out of the loop and is unable to work behind the scenes to get you an update, drop by the salon. This way, you’ll be able to introduce yourself in person, giving the staff an opportunity to see and like you. Be mindful, however, not to get in the way, if they are super busy when you go. Let the supervisor know that you appreciate being considered and that you can start immediately, including now – if that applies.

Best Wishes.


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