Q&A: What Do You Do if…?



Q:  What do you do if you took a picture if your work schedule but it’s blurry and you don’t know when you work and u called but no one answered? Could she call the one if the manager’s cells? She doesn’t know when she works at all cuz she took a pic of the schedule and it’s blurry. She’s done this before and is afraid they’d be mad. She called and no one picked up. This is my sister please help. Thanks 🙂

A:  Your sister needs to go to her place of employment (dressed for work in case she is on the schedule to work and didn’t know it), as soon as possible, and get her schedule. While there, she can take another picture – and check the clarity of it before leaving, write it down, do a voice recording, or put it in her phone’s calendar with reminders. She could also get a photocopy of it before leaving. 

While calling the manager’s cell phone and asking for her schedule may be the most obvious choice, there is no guarantee that the manager will know the schedule without looking or be near the schedule at the time of the call. She could also continue to call the job until she can arrive there. 

Hope it works out.


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