Q&A: What Profession Would I Go Into For This?


Q: Okay so I’m always thinking about what profession would i go into for the interest i have. I have a very strange interest in studying the history of serial killers, or just big time criminals in general. I can name facts upon facts about Ted Bundy and all the court trials, crime scenes, etc. I can also do that with 50+ others. It’s quit wired, I do understand that. So, I know it would be in the criminal law field, but would career choice would i do if i want to be apart of the action. Like the fbi, csi, what?


A: What a fascinating interest Bella! I can tell from your question that you have an Investigative (http://www.self-directed-search.com/how-does-it-work-/riasec/-i-occupations) personality and a strength for Input (http://businessjournal.gallup.com/content/688/input.aspx). People who have an investigative personality like to explore and understand things. People who have input as a strength are collectors of information. They feverishly crave knowledge about the things that interest them. To truly know which career would make you happiest, one would have to peel back a few other layers to your personality and strengths. Nevertheless, there are several directions you could take with the interest you have, especially since you desire to be a part of the action. What follows is a list of possibilities for your consideration. Some may have you in the action and others may not. Some are with agencies like the CIA, DEA, FBI, Federal, state, and municipal correction facilities and police departments, etc. Others are with hospitals, schools, and private firms.

Autopsy Technician
CIA Agent
Crime Lab Analyst
Crime Historian
Crime Museum Staff Member
Crime Scene Cleaner
Crime Scene Investigator
Crime Scene Investigation Instructor
Crime Scene Investigation Consultant
Crime Scene Specialist
Crime Stoppers Director/Personnel
Criminal Expert Witness
Criminal Justice Instructor
Criminal Justice Journalist
Criminal Special Investigator
DEA Agent
Evidence Technician
Evidence Registrar
FBI Agent
Film Consultant
Forensic Investigator
Forensic Pathologist
Forensic Photographer
Forensic Psychiatrist
Forensic Psychologist
Forensic Scientist
Law Enforcement Investigator
Forensic Scientist
Medical Examiner
Police Officer
Special Agent

See http://www.crimemuseum.org and http://www.crime-scene-investigator.net/employment.htm for more information.

Best Wishes!


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