Q&A: I Don’t Know What I Want to be Anymore?!? 


Q:  Im currently a junior in high school. Im going to be a senior in like 5 months or so. Ive always wanted to be a pediatrician, but i’ve been exploring different colleges and I recently went to florida(disney world) and now Im not sure of what I want to be anymore. I want to work with children, but I also want to work with cars. I also want to work with marine animals but I also want to work with films and such.

I really don’t want to do just one thing my entire life, but I’m currently freaking out because Im graduating next year and i just have no idea of what I want to be anymore.
Any idea on how to make things easier?! Should I really be this worried? Please please please help!

A: The more that you become exposed to different people, places, things, and experiences, the more options you will find intriguing. That doesn’t make you dangerously indecisive; it makes you open to new experiences. That’s a good thing.
Although no one expects you to have your future mapped out “to a t” in 11th grade, what you can begin to do at this time is understand where your interests lie, generally speaking, and start channeling your energy into being exposed to more things in that direction.

According to John Holland, there are six general categories of personality, which help us to decide on where to focus ourselves in our careers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holland_Codes. They include: Realistic, Enterprising, Social, Creative, Investigative, and Conventional. I took a look at the codes of the jobs you mentioned.

Pediatricians are Investigative, Social, and Enterprising
Automobile Mechanics are Realistic, Investigative, and Conventional
Automotive Designers are Realistic, Conventional, and Enterprising
Aquatic Biologists are Investigative, Realistic, and Enterprising
Movie Actors are Artistic, Enterprising, and Social
Movie Production Staff tend to be Artistic, Realistic, and Enterprising

I would guess that you are the type of person who enjoys working with their hands. I would also guess that you are very curious and enjoy experimenting with new ideas and troubleshooting problems.

If you haven’t already, considering taking the Holland Career Test to see what order your preferences are in so that you can identify the most ideal cluster of careers to pursue. You may take it here. http://personality-testing.info/tests/RIASEC.php

Best Wishes!


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