Q&A: Should I Continue Working at Gamestop or Move to Verizon?


Q:  I currently work at a military Gamestop where my pay and benefits are much higher than normal stores, (making around 32 a year) and I’m in line to be promoted from being an ASM to a store manager position where I could possibly be making around 45k or more a year… But I have an opportunity to start at Verizon corporate store as a salesperson starting at roughly 13-14 an hour (so the hourly is less) but it’s a guaranteed 40 years with overtime, day one benefits, schooling, and commission. Just by hitting my minimal quotas the commission will have me making me around 38-40 and by passing goals I could be making a lot more.

With the fear of digital at some point driving Gamestop under, would Verizon be a safe move even though it is a really competitive business? Or should I stick with Gamestop, and get a few years as being a manager under my belt? I’m also interesting in relocating at some point and Verizon may be the easier company to move around with. Must be said also that I’m extremely content and happy with my career at Gamestop.

Looking for educated opinions and reasoning behind your statements.


A:  You certainly have a decision on your hands!  From the tone of your post, I can tell that you are seriously divided.  The experts would say that you should consider both positions on an even playing field in order to make such a decision, so I would suggest that we start there.

If both jobs paid the same and offered the same benefits, you would be left to make your selection based upon the other things you might value in the workplace (e.g. recognition, independence, the working conditions, your relationships with customers/co-workers/management, support from your bosses, the sense of achievement you get from working there.  Have you considered these yet?  I read that you are content and happy at Gamestop.  What about the Verizon store?  What type of atmosphere have you witnessed there?  Have you spoken to employees there to determine what their perspectives are?  What’s the turnover like?  Do the bosses back you up there?  Will you develop relationships easily there?  Will you be able to work independently or will you be micromanaged as a sales associate?  Will you like the hours, conditions?  These things are worth investigating. PErhaps here:  http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Verizon-Reviews-E89.htm

After reading your concern about the future of Gamestop, I took a look at their annual report (http://news.gamestop.com/press-release/business/gamestop-reports-sales-and-earnings-fiscal-2013-and-provides-2014-outlook).  Interestingly enough, Gamestop is reporting an optimistic outlook for 2014 (forecasting that net income will increase to almost 6 times the Q4 earnings).  It should be noted, however, that the company plans to reduce its video game store count by approximately 2%.  Could this affect your store? Your promotion?  How long do you think it would take for you to be promoted to store manager?  Could apply for a store manager position now at another location (since you are relocating) even if you haven’t been promoted at your current store by that time (https://gamestoptx-openhire.silkroad.com/ipostings/index.cfm)? Do the earnings at the other locations justify passing up the job at Verizon, even at the lower position?

Of course, money is an issue – maybe even THE issue. The Verizon opportunity comes with the potential to earn overtime and commission.  Are there bonuses at Gamestop?  Are you guaranteed 40 hours (at the least) at Gamestop?  What about when you make manager?

As a job coach, my assignment is to make sure that you have considered every aspect necessary to make your decision.  I have included links to Gamestop’s outlook, internal job postings, and reviews of Verizon as a company and the sales associate position there from current and past employees.

If you haven’t applied to Verizon yet, you may get started with the process, regardless of what you choose.  An interview will give you an opportunity to sit in front of Verizon staff who can answer these questions for you, although it will start the clock on your decision once a hire offer is made.

Best Wishes!



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