Q&A: Benefits of Being a Supervisor in Retail?

ImageQ:  Ok so I got a job offer with Ross Dress For Less. Position is area supervisor and pay is $13 per hour. I’m thinking of taking the job, but still want to see about benefits, work environment etc.  I have another job offer with Wellpoint as a claims rep. Pay is 14.50 per hour and the benefits are excellent.

I know the supervisor job pays less, but its a SUPERVISOR position, which will look good on my resume. I need to know what are MAJOR benefits of being a supervisor because i’m thinking of taking this other job.
-T. Azom

A:  At Ross, Area Supervisors are responsible for their assigned area of the store, but also function as the Supervisor on Duty, handling general operations of the entire store, on some rotated basis.  These operations include:  opening and closing the store, handling cash pick ups and bank deposits, supervising Associates; and overseeing merchandise processing, receiving shipments, executing markdowns, and managing the Front End (refund approvals, etc.) as needed.

The benefits to being in this role are generally subjective, but include:

  • Management Experience
  • Full-Time, Salaried Position with Benefits
  • Room for Advancement (Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager)
  • Prestige, Authority, and Responsibility
  • Some Level of Autonomy
  • Personal Achievement/Satisfaction

You will want to also consider any drawbacks (perceived or actual) to a career in retail management, as well as the pros and cons of beginning a career as a claims representative.  Consider what your career ambitions are and which job leads you down a clear path to accomplishing those ambitions.  Don’t be afraid to speak with people who are already in these types of roles and to get their honest perspectives and ask all of the questions that remain so that you can make an informed decision.  

Best Wishes!


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