Q&A: I Have a Lot of Experience, But it Doesn’t Fit Into Any Job Description

omgQ:  For the past 2 jobs (totaling 8 years), I’ve had unusual positions. For example at my current job, I started as the CEO’s assistant at a start-up, but when he found out I was smarter then just an assistant, I was given new tasks and as the company grew I’ve done many different things.  However the company is moving and I can’t move with it, so I need to find a new position at a new company but my experience doesn’t fully fit any single job description, it fits parts of all kinds of descriptions.  Do I have to move to a lower position to get a new job? Or should I just try and explain my experience? Should I see a professional that can help explain where my experience would fit?
-Jarrod M

A:  Jarrod, I would recommend starting your search not from posted job descriptions, but from your interests.  Given that you have had such a array of experiences, you should have an expanded set of positions to choose from.  Perhaps Administrative Assistant is not a good fit for you anymore, but what about Program Assistant or Executive Assistant?  Are you ready to branch out into management yet?  What about Office Manager or perhaps something that places you in a Coordinator role?  Is your interest in start-ups?  Non-profits?

Just remember, determining the compatibility of the vacancy and your skills is the hiring manager’s job.  If you have interest in a position you see out there and you believe that your skills and abilities and the knowledge you have acquired over the past 8 years qualifies you for consideration, don’t be afraid to apply.  Your resume and cover letter is where you to get to highlight your higher level experience and make the case for why you should be considered.

Best Wishes.



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