Q&A: Is Im Getting Fired?


Q:  I heard my manager on the phone that she was hiring for front office but you just hired someone for that which is me and it only been 2 weeks??? Is that a bad sign

A:  Tenecia, there are several possibilities.  Perhaps the office works more effectively with more than one person in the front office (some offices utilize multiple levels of support staff – receptionist, secretary, office manager, etc.).  Perhaps she is staffing for another shift, which may include someone to relieve you for lunches and breaks?  Perhaps she has another business or location to fill vacancies for.  Of course, it is possible that she is rethinking her decision to place you in the position.  This does not mean that she is planning to fire you though.  She could be planning to change your duties to something you are more suited for in the organization.

If you feel insecure about your position, however, now is the time to do something about it.  “Up” your game.  Make sure that you are on time everyday and that you come back on time from lunches and breaks and that you do not leave for the day before your shift has ended.  Refrain from making and receiving personal calls at work.  Be courteous to your co-workers and any guests who come into your office.  Be cognizant of your volume, tone, grammar, and professional demeanor in the office.  Engage professionally with your coworkers and offer to assist them as needed.  Above all, go to your boss and tell her that you enjoy your job and would appreciate any feedback on how you can best be an asset to her and to the organization.  If you are lacking in anyway, she will let you know.

Best wishes!


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