Q&A: Should I Put Computer Technician on my Resume in Work Experience, I Do it for Friends and I Don’t Advertise it?


Q:  I wanna make myself look good to employers.  But I’ve never held a job in my life. At least I’m known as the “computer guy” to my friends. They always come to me to help fix their slow virus filled computers (and I do fix them well). I don’t really ask for money from them cause they’re my friends after all. The thing is, it’s not really a job (in my opinion) and I don’t post up signs on the street advertising this service or anything. So would it be okay if I put under work experience: 

Computer Technician Self-Employed May 2008 to today

or would I be pushing the “self-employed job” definition a little too much?

A:  The “Skills and Abilities” portion of the resume is a great place to list the proficiency you have with regard to computer service and repair.  


  • installing, troubleshooting, and repairing computer hardware 
  • installing software and applications, including anti-virus and mal-ware programs
  • proven ability to repair Windows-based and Apple platform computers
  • demonstrated ability performing software upgrades and configuration enhancements
  • highly skilled in providing end-user support

You may also choose to do a functional resume which speaks to your ability to perform the tasks mentioned and more, to take the emphasis off of the absence of formal training or work experience.

I would steer clear of pronouncing yourself an Entrepreneur if you are not.  There is a skill set that is unique to Entrepreneurs that you should be able to display if you were truly self employed.  These include:  business and industry knowledge, sales and marketing, negotiation, planning, decision making, goal-setting, administration and management skills.

Best Wishes.


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