Q&A: What is you’r best answer if a job employer asked you way should we hire you?


Q:  What is you’r best answer if a job employer asked you way should we hire you?  i told hem because am the best, and am just wondering if these is a good answer.

A:  While you may be “the best,” it is highly unlikely that an interviewer would take such a response seriously.  A better way to respond would be to assure him/her that bringing you on board would solve the problem that caused them to be hiring in the first place – either permanently or long term.  Hopefully, in your research of the company, their job posting, and during the course of your interview, you have discovered what that problem is.  Perhaps they are in need of someone who is better with their customers than the person who filled the position previously.  If you have the customer service or interpersonal skills they are seeking, this is a good opportunity for you to assert that.

Here is a suggestion for how you phrase this:

“The reason you should hire me is because I am the answer to your problem.  According to what I have read about your company, you value your customers and pride yourself on being able to meet their needs the first time, every time.  Based upon the questions you have asked today, it is clear that in order to do that, you need someone who will be attentive to your customer, who will ensure that their needs are acknowledged and addressed and that any necessary follow-up occurs quickly and demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer service.  I can do this for you.  As we have discussed, I have delivered this type of customer service for the past 5 years and will have no problem continuing to work this way.  I will be here, on time, ready to tackle the customer’s concerns.  I will work diligently to understand the business and the customers and I will be the type of employee you will be glad to have represent your business.”

A statement like this says that you are the best without you having to ever make that claim.

Best wishes.


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