Q&A: I Need to Improve My Computer Skills for Work. How Can I?


Q:  i feel i need to quickly get up to scratch in power point, excel, word and the general computer. any tips how i can do this?
-insane penguinA:  The best way to improve your computer skills is to increase your computer usage.  After all, as the old adage says, “practice makes perfect.”  Tinkering around with the programs you are interested in becoming more proficient in, clicking around on the menu buttons and using their help menus as needed, may be both informative and fun.  The quickest way to improve your computer skills, however, may require some guidance.  Many churches and libraries offer free computer classes which you may find helpful (check craigslist or your local newspaper for more information).   Colleges may offer computer classes for a small fee as a part of their continuing education or community outreach programs.  Goodwill Training Centers are also an option, with computer classes at $10 per session in some markets.  There are also free computer courses and tutorials offered online.

Goodwill Community Foundation, for example, offers free lessons on computer and internet basics, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Google, and even Facebook through their LearnFree website.  (http://www.gcflearnfree.org/).  The site offers lessons and videos with a few extras thrown in for good measure.  If you are looking to increase your typing speed, the site typingtest.com offers typing training online which boasts that you can boost your typing skills in just 45 minutes.  Of course, these are not your only options.  Videos may be easily found on YouTube or via Google.
Best Wishes!

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