Q&A: OMG Why is it Soo Hard to Get a Job?


Q:  Sooo ive been looking for a job and the only places hiring seems to be professional positions which im not cut out for im only 17 ive tryed snagajob,monster I even tryed indeed bt they all seem to have requirements which I do not meet Im just ssoo stressed out still being dependent on pple drives me crazy plz help me does anybody know any sites for teen jobs and itll be perfect if yall knew any places in or around dallas plz be specific when replying or is anybody hiring at theyre company or store plz let me know

A:  Well Anthony, I tend to prefer indeed.com. The secret to finding what you are looking for lies in the keywords you use while searching.

Try using:
– “Must be 16” (be sure to include the quotations)
– “No experience” (be sure to include the quotations)
– “perfect for high school students” (be sure to include the quotations)

In addition to this, it’s not a bad idea to pound the pavement. Put on a nice outfit and head to the mall nearest you. Go into every store and ask if they are hiring, including the food court. Even if you are directed to their website to apply, some of these merchants have kiosks inside that allow you to apply online on-site. Also try the movie theaters, grocery stores, and fast food restaurants in your area. Lastly, check out the Sunday classified ads in your hometown’s newspaper, just in case employers in your area still prefer this medium.

Best wishes!


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