Q&A: How To Prepare For a Job Interview Without a Job Description or Experience


Q:  Interview Monday for a HR apprenticeship at Cash Generator *Eeek*, thats all I know. How do u prepare for the unknown? And what do u wear? Its a HR role at a store, Formal or Informal?

A:  Whenever you find yourself in this situation, I firmly suggest a Google search.  To conduct a Google search, you should access the search engine’s website at http://www.google.com.  Once you arrive, simply enter the keywords to start your inquiry.  For your specific need, I recommend entering “Cash Generator HR apprentice.”  You will find that the very first result is an outdated job posting.  Nevertheless, if you access it you will be provided more details for the position for which you are interviewing.

I have included it below:

This is an Apprenticeship. This is an ideal role for a confident and adaptable individual who wants to kick start their career in a successful and growing business and obtain a NVQ level 2 in Business Administration.

Recruitment Tasks :

  • advertising vacancies
  • filtering/screening incoming applications
  • answering the phones 
  • fielding calls 

General office duties :

  • HR Tasks
  • updating and maintaining HR databases 
  • processing the weekly absence and overtime 
  • supporting payroll processes 
  • chasing outstanding paperwork

Skill and Experience required but not essential :

  • excellent telephone manner 
  • attention to detail
  • ability to prioritize workload 
  • computer literate 
  • Must be confident,outgoing and have a willingness to learn. 

Use Google to research the tasks you are unfamiliar with so that you may be able to speak with understanding when talking with your interviewer.  You may also find a list of potential interview questions, so that you may better prepare.  As far as attire goes, based upon the type of position you are applying for, I would recommend professional attire for your interview.  A business suit, or at the very least, a shirt and tie and slacks would be appropriate.  For a lady, no tie would be needed, of course, however, a nice, modest blouse and slacks or professional length skirt would be appropriate.

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