Product Review: ApplyMate (webapp), founded in June 2010 by Tim Murphy of Chicago, IL, is a free web application that helps job seekers keep track of the jobs they apply for.  Designed to track multiple school and job applications, the webapp features a dashboard that pulls all of your applications together in one place, a progress tracker, and email and calendar reminders (which may be synced to your calendar program).  Murphy also publishes a career blog.

Getting started is easy.  Once you complete the very basic start up form and verify your email address, you may begin adding your applications.  During entry, ApplyMate allows you to input the url that links to the job posting you are applying for, the user name and password for the application site (if applicable), the employer/interviewer’s contact information, and any notes.  Calendar reminders may be set for follow-up, interviews, and application due dates (helpful if you have initiated the application, but not completed it).


  • I absolutely love having a place to keep track of the various websites, user IDs and passwords!
  • The dashboard gives you, at a glance, your three most recently entered applications, the status of each, and the number of goals you have completed or have in progress.
  • The notes section of the application may be used to indicate anything that the webapp has no field for (i.e. job/requisition#, whether or not a thank you card was sent, etc.).
  • I also loved that the webapp features reminders (which you can sync to your Google or Outlook calendar).
  • Data can be entered in relatively quickly.
  • FREE!


  • The Application Due Date is the closest you will come to being able to input the date of application.  I would like to be able to see how long it has been since I applied when I view my dashboard and the system does not have that capability.
  • Upcoming deadlines and reminders do not show on the dashboard.  You must rely on the email reminder or calendar sync.
  • The goals section is too rigid.  You can only set goals related to the number of applications you plan to complete by a due date (although you can lie to the system and schedule a different goal with some random number of applications on mattached to fulfill the requirement).
  • The dashboard only gives you 3 applications.  You must click the “View Applications” tab to view/edit the others.
  • You can not sort by the headers on the “View All Applications” tab.  You have to remember what order your applications were inputted into the webapp to reference them (or use Alt+F to search the page).
  • When accessing the webapp from my mobile phone, I found that the page was not optimized for mobile use and there is no mobile app to go along with the the webapp.

My overall rating:  B

Ease of Use:  Pretty easy to use on my computer, not on my phone.  Video tutorial and FAQs available on the site and YouTube.
Convenience:  Because the ApplyMate gave me the ability to have one place to house all of my job search data, I found it very convenient.  Points deducted for no mobile page/app. and no place on dashboard for reminders.


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