Q&A: I Need Help Organizing My Job Search?

IMAG2160Q:  Hello. I would appreciate if you can help me find a tool that would help me organize my job search. It could be either a excel sheet template, software, or a web-service. I would like to track companies I applied to,which version of my resume I send, contact persons etc.

A:  LebDan, in the past, I would craft a worksheet that I created in Excel, make several copies, and place the sheets into a binder.  The column headings on the sheet included a place for the Date of Application, Employer, Method of Contact, Person Contacted, Position Applied For, Results, and Notes.  In this day and age, however, what would be more pertinent, is to have this type of information logged into an application of some sort, perhaps a mobile one with the capability to help job seekers efficiently track every step of the hunt.

Because your post has inspired me, LebDan, I plan to research and review as many of these such apps as I can find over the next few weeks.  I see a great benefit to being able to suggest an app that could make efficiently keeping track of the many pieces of information surrounding a job search a reality for anyone reading this blog.  My first review will be of an application called “ApplyMate.”  Please see my next post for more details.  Perhaps this may be the app for you.

Stay Tuned.



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