Q&A: Do Affirmations Work?


Q:  Do affirmations work?


A:  Great question, glutomoto.  The short answer to that is yes, they do.  Affirmations, at their most basic level, are a form of self-talk – positive self talk.  We all engage in self-talk all the time.  We tell ourselves “I’m tired of this,”  “I don’t want to go to work today.” “No one appreciates me.”  These are examples of negative self-talk.  Said enough, the speaker begins to feel the energy of what they have spoken.  This is because words, especially the spoken word, is very powerful; and the words we tell ourselves, influence our emotions, our will to act, and the behaviors we eventually display.  Author Tia Walker, puts it this way: “Affirmations are our mental vitamins, providing the supplementary positive thoughts we need to balance the barrage of negative events and thoughts we experience daily.”

Many believe, present company included, that affirmations may be used to get whatever we want and desire in life by starting the chain reaction it takes to put the desire into place.  Since this blog is about career development, I’ll share a few of my favorite affirmations related specifically to job search.  These and more can be found on “The Affirmation Spot,”  a blog by Ray Davis, as well as Che Garman’s blog, “Affirm Your Life.”

  1. Right this moment, my resume is being seen by all the right people.
  2. Right now, the job I am looking for is looking for me!
  3. Every “no” for my wrong job gets me to closer to the “yes” that is perfect me!
  4. I am the engine of my career success!
  5. An exciting new career prospect is on its way to me.
  6. Every action I take moves me towards my perfect career.
  7. There is a great demand for people with my talents and abilities.
  8. The most incredible job is waiting for me to discover it.

The Best is Yet to Come!


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