Q&A: What Do You Wear to Orientation?


Q:  What do you wear to an orientation. Like i applied for a job at this place (not at the job) where you apply and they call the place you are applying for ect. its for a boxing and shipping job but anyway i have orientation tommorow and a test(have no idea what test) at the place i applied. what in the heck do i wear? and if you say casual or business casual please provide an example.

A:  As you can imagine, Musique, professional attire differs vastly from company to company.  Even still, orientation is your last opportunity to make a lasting impression on your new boss.  For you, since you were not interviewed on site, it may be your first and only.  I would recommend business casual for you.  I have included a picture as an example.  Please be sure to dress modestly.  Do not wear tight-fitting pants or a tight-fighting blouse.  Be sure not to show too much cleavage and check the mirror to be sure that nothing hangs from underneath your blouse as well.  If you decide to wear a skirt, be sure that you conduct a sit test, as you may be required to sit.  Stay away from anything that exposes your bottom when you sit down.  I would also recommend a low, sensible heel or flat shoe, since a tour might be included in the orientation.  Stay away from jeans and tennis shoes until you have a better understanding of what’s allowable on the job.  

Best wishes on the new job!


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