Q&A: Question About Types of People and the Careers They Choose to Follow?

Q:  Hi, I am interesting in dog grooming. I know this place that I could go to and learn and become a mobile pet groomer. My only struggle is that when I try to find pet groomers they all have a sort of “persona” about them. They seem on average MORE scroungy, piercings, tattoos, poor looking, etc. I am not judgemental, it is just an observation. If you find Dental Hygienists they are usually all really pretty, sophisticated, clean-cut, and good-quality looking girls. 

I am more of a clean-cut, pretty, conservative, normal girl and I feel like I’m missing something about they “people” that get into pet grooming. Do you know why this is? Is pet grooming stupid? Do you know why “this persona” of types of people that get into pet grooming are like that? 

What do you think of this subject?

Do you think I should still pursue my interest? I want to be associated with good quality people. That is just a concern because I fit that criteria, and not that scroungy type.

A:  Koral, people who decide to enter the world of dog grooming as a profession (or hobby) or typically “Realistic” and “Conventional,” according to psychologist John Holland. Realistic people are those that like to work with their hands, often outdoors, and seldom with other people. Conventional people are those who like to follow set procedures and routines. Because the barriers of entry into the field are relatively low (less than a high school diploma is required and little to no training in advance – generally a few days to a few months, usually on the job), dog grooming appeals to a much broader audience than, say, dental hygienists. Lastly, the average pay for dog groomers is about $9.00/hr. This may be another factor to consider when observing who takes these jobs.

Who you find at one dog grooming shop to another will likely vary by the clientele that store caters to. Generally speaking, savvy business owners know that they must present or market themselves in a specific way to get the customers they desire to patronize their business. I would venture to guess that if you looked into higher end shops, you may see something different.

If you aspire for something different, but want to pursue this field, consider one of these higher end shops or even starting your own pet salon or joining forces with someone who shares your interests and values at theirs or in a joint venture, especially if either of you also has business expertise.

Check out http://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/39-2021.00 for more information about Dog Groomers, the wages and employment trends and more.

Happy Hunting!


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