Q&A: Uncertainty Regarding My College Major. Help!?


Q:  So I am currently a Business Administration major at DePaul University in Chicago. I am in the University Honors program and maintain above a 3.8 GPA (not trying to brag, promise!).

My thoughts were that because I am a good student, I would not have much trouble finding a job after I graduate. I am currently a junior by the way.

I work at a bank in the mortgage banking department and when my co-workers asked when I was majoring in and I told them, they told me to not get a general business degree because it would cause a lot of competition and difficulty finding a job post grad. This isn’t the first time I hear this about a Business Administration degree. Now I’m wondering whether I should change my major in order to optimize my chances in the business world after I graduate.

Any thoughts? This is kind of stressing me out but I wonder if I am overthinking it all? Maybe adding a minor would help?
-Live To Rock♪♫

A:  As a Business Administration major myself, I would have to disagree that a BBA is a limiting degree.  As a matter of fact, Live to Rock, I would venture to say that the general business degree decreases the chances that you will be pigeon-holed into a type of job that you may not see yourself in for the duration.  People who major in Accounting generally become Accountants, Auditors, or Financial/Tax Examiners.  People who major in Finance generally become Bankers, Analysts, Financial Managers, or Securities Salespeople.  We can go down the list with majors like Economics, Management, Marketing, etc.  

People who major in Business Administration are trained in the fundamentals of business.  They take courses in Accounting, Economics, Management, Finance, Marketing, and Operations Management and thus get a foundation across the entire business cluster.  I would suggest that you think carefully about the electives you choose, consider a minor (mine was communications), and take advantage of internship opportunities and networking to help pave your way to success.

If you feel uncertain about the direction you want your career to take, be sure to visit your college’s Career Services office and take advantage of the various career assessments they offer.

In the meantime, take a look at this article by from the Princeton Review.

Best Wishes!


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