Q&A: Resume Search Words



Q:  I am going to be posting my resume on several career websites. What are must-have words that I should include to ensure my resume is looked at by potential employers?  Most of my experience is office, receptionist, call center, etc… Please help!!!

A:  Although there are several lists of keywords and phrases floating around the internet, I still maintain that the best words to use can be found right in the job description of the job you are looking for.  My advice, B26, is to identify 5 job postings you find compelling and go through them with a highlighter.  Look carefully at the job functions, responsibilities, qualifications, and requirements.  Highlight each set of skills and abilities and compare them.  Generally, most of the postings you find for that particular job will be looking for the same, or similar qualities in a candidate.  If you have those skills, list them on your resume.  The postings may also trigger some skills and abilities you may not have thought were important enough to list.

If you’re still wanting a list, however, check out these:
List if Resume and Cover Letter Action Keywords
Resume Keyword List by Industry
Resume Writing Guide/Sample Action Verbs

Happy Writing!


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