Q&A: Should I Call to Follow up on an Interview?


Q:  Before I left school for the holiday, interviewed for a part-time ER position and the person said he will “recommend extending me an offer” and get back to me by Christmas and “not leave me hanging.”  But right now he’s doing exactly the opposite. It’s almost Christmas and he still hasn’t gotten back to me. I want to call him and follow up on it but since it s the holidays, I don’t feel it’s appropriate.  Should I call or simply email? I’m pretty sure at this point since it’s been so long, he’s going to say no even though he said he claimed otherwise, so how should I ask for feedback (if that’s appropriate)?

A:  Shawn, it is always a good practice to follow up after an interview.  Whether you send an email or a hand-written note (which adds a nice touch), this is your chance to leave a lasting impression on your interviewer.  So the interviewer did not get a chance to contact you before you left school for the holidays.  That’s unfortunate, but it does not necessary indicate anything, other than the fact that despite his intentions, he was unable to make that call.  You can still do you part by letting him know that you appreciated him taking the time to interview you and how excited you are about the opportunity.  When he gets this message is of less importance than the fact that he does.  I say write the email.  I would not mention, however, that you did not get the call you were promised.  Instead, be sure to reiterate your contact information so that when the time comes, he can be assured he has the best number to reach you.  And be sure to wish him a Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays to you!


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