Q&A: Looking for a Career Website!


Q:  i want to know a good website that tells you all you need to know about your future career, please 🙂

A:  Pepe, here are a couple of my favorites:

Occupational Outlook Handbook
US Bureau of Labor Statistics – US Department of Labor

The Occupational Outlook Handbook has over 500 job profiles listed. You can use the search box to find more information about the specific profession you want to research, or the A-to-Z index, or you may use the Occupation Finder to filter jobs by education level, pay, on-the-job training required, etc.  The profiles on this site will give you a summary of the profession, a detailed description of the job function and environment for the job, suggestions on how to prepare for a career in the particular occupation, the outlook for the job over the next several years, and a listing of similar jobs.

Georgia Career Information Center
Division of Student Affairs – Georgia State University

GCIS is one of my favorite resources.  Here, you can also find an A-to-Z listing of the various occupations.  You can also search by keyword for the occupation you want to learn more about.  For each job title, GCIS gives: a summary of the job, a listing of relevant tasks and common work activities one might be asked to complete there, the working conditions you could expect, physical demands, skills, abilities, and knowledge required on the job, information on how to prepare for the job (including courses to take in high school and relevant majors if in college), the most common hiring practices for this profession, the licensing/certification required, how to advance in the field, and the wages and outlook.  Among my favorite features of this site are the videos and testimonials from real people who do the various jobs that are searchable on the site.

I highly recommend both of these.

Happy Hunting!


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