Q&A: What Jobs Can I Have?

Q:  I absolutely love Science, however I dislike Math. I know alot of jobs require math, so I’ll just have to deal. I can draw well, I enjoy drawing. As for Science, I love expirimenting with things, and just science in general.. I enjoy building things, such as creating something on my own, or putting something together. Any suggestions? I’m currently a freshman, but I wanna think about what I wanna be, so I can try classes out that have something to do with the job itself.

A:  Halee, considering your likes and dislikes is not a bad way to start narrowing down the infinite choices that exist when it comes to jobs.  I would challenge you to dig a little deeper than you have so far.  For example, you say that you dislike math.  Do you dislike taking or estimating measurements as well as mathematical computation? Would counting money also be a problem for you?  Do you only like freehand drawing or would computer assisted drawing appeal to you?  When you say building things, do you mean carpentry?  So many questions to consider.

What I would strongly recommend for you is a career assessment.  Perhaps you may be able to take one at your school’s career planning office.  If not, there are several good ones online.  The U.S. Department of Labor has a few here.  http://www.doleta.gov/jobseekers/assess_yourself.cfm.  Once you complete the assessment, a listing of jobs suitable for someone with your responses is given.  You should find it a whole lot easier to weed through a list of more relevant choices.

Happy Hunting!


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